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Welcome to the GCU Forum - Rules of Conduct (Read 51098 times)
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Welcome to the GCU Forum - Rules of Conduct
Aug 30th, 2013, 4:07pm
The GCU forum is a public board for our GCU community to share, discuss, get advice and stay up to date on all things GCU.  It is our primary means of communicating with our artist community.  All important GCU announcements are posted here.  
GCU is all ears and loves to hear your ideas, suggestions and feedback.  Exchange on the forum should be helpful, friendly and fun!  As a member of our community we expect everyone to behave responsibly and with due consideration for the other members of our community and staff.  Although we encourage your opinions and candor, your use of the forum is subject to respectful and polite behavior.
Usage of the GCU Forum is not a guaranteed right. It is a privilege for those artists who abide by the Forum Rules of Conduct.  We have zero-tolerance for the defamation of GCU business practices, abuse towards GCU staff, reviewers & management and fellow artists in any form, which may result in immediate suspension of your GCU account.
Here are some basic rules and expectations:
1.  Be Respectful – be polite, courteous and respectful, basically use good manners.  We will not tolerate name calling, personal attacks, bullying, accusations, flaming, trolling, abusive, threatening behavior, etc.
2.  Be Expressive - use emoticons and symbols to help express your intent and tone.  Often the written word is not enough and can be misinterpreted.  Don’t shout which is expressed IN ALL CAPS and avoid excessive!!!! ????
3.  Be Patient – we are outnumbered, please give us at least 1 business day to reply.  We do not monitor the forum on weekends or on posted holidays.  Don’t bump up your post in less than 1 business day.  Don’t double or cross post the same topic in more than 1 board.
4.  Be Positive - this is a venue for positive and productive contributions.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t complain but be part of the solution, do not harp on or aggravate the situation.
5.  Search First - read related threads first to see if your question is answered or addressed elsewhere
6.  Find the Right Board - Post on the most closely related board per the title/description.  You’ll get your answer quicker this way.  “Artists Only” boards mean GCU staff will not reply.  
7.  Stay on Topic – start a new thread if your topic deviates from the original.  Do not hijack threads.
8.  Consider Email – a question specific to your account or card submission would be best suited as an email to GCU support vs putting before the entire artist community.
9.  Pay it Forward & Contribute - help other artists as well as receiving help, it’s good karma!  Share what you’ve learned, where you’ve had success, neat tricks or shortcuts you’ve discovered!
10.  Do Not SPAM with unrelated content, advertisements, offers and links
Our forum administrators and GCU staff reserve the right to remove any forum posts or remove users at any time without notice that are deemed to be inappropriate and/or in violation of these rules of conduct and GCU’s Terms & Condition.
Thank you for your cooperation and participation!  Smiley
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