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Watermark Changes - Artist Action before 7/1/16 (Read 12299 times)
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Re: Watermark Changes - Artist Action before 7/1/1
Reply #60 - Aug 28th, 2019, 3:45pm
Quote from Judith_484374 on Aug 28th, 2019, 2:26pm:
So I am confused.  I'm learning my way around.  Do you mean that I can edit my information even after a card and the keywords and description etc. has been approved? What can and cannot be edited once a card is approved? Can I change categories if I chose the wrong one? Or I want to change it to an upcoming holiday?

Thanks Smiley

Hi Judith,
Once a card is submitted for review and is in Pending status the artist cannot make any changes to it.  Once a card has been Approved artists should not make any changes to it.  
There are limited and isolated circumstances of the changes artists can make to an already approved card.  Any major changes you make that do not get re-reviewed by the review team leave you at risk to making an error.  Please note that artists are financially responsible for returned cards purchased when the reason for the return is due to a post approval edit that was not re-reviewed by GCU.  
Here is a good read on Change or New Submission:
Changes after approval like keyword spamming or ill fitting category changes, inside verse revisions that are felt not to be in good faith and in an effort to circumvent the original review will result in the card(s) being taken offline.  Repeated inappropriate edits will result in the closure of the artist's GCU storefront.  
If you have post approval edits you'd like to make simply drop an email to the review team with a list of the pid#s of the cards you'd like to edit or have re-reviewed and the review team can return them to you for edits or review them again.  
Please let me know if you have any questions on this topic.  
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Re: Watermark Changes - Artist Action before 7/1/1
Reply #61 - Aug 28th, 2019, 3:50pm
Thanks! That's what I thought.
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