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Pay Day - 01/31/14 (Read 675 times)
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Pay Day - 01/31/14
Jan 2nd, 2014, 6:10pm
The 4th quarter payments are being processed reflecting commissions earned from 10/01/13 - 12/31/13.  Part of this process is reconciling those stores who have met the quarterly threshold.  The checks are scheduled to be in the mail or PayPal payments made by Friday, 1/31/14.        
Please see the original Earnings Modifications announcement here:  
Important Notes regarding Earnings:  
1.  4Q 2013 earnings threshold has been reduced to $285 vs $300 as a one time adjustment as an allowance for GCU's recent unplanned downtime
2.  Stores earning over the Minimum Payment “pending” will reflect the STANDARD, pre-threshold earnings only  
3.  Premium earnings payments (stores meeting the threshold) will not be reflected until payment is made by 1/31/14  
4.  Combined stores earnings will be used to calculate meeting the quarterly threshold – see below* request by 1/15/14  
5.  Earnings from combined stores will be used to MEET the threshold however the earnings from an individual store with less than the set Minimum Payment will not be paid and will not be calculated as premium earnings  
6. Rollover Earnings & Threshold Measurement  - ONLY earnings earned within the current quarter will be used to meet the current quarterly threshold.   Rollover earnings from prior quarter(s) will still get rolled over, as they are earnings due to you, however they will NOT be used to meet that current quarter’s earnings threshold to achieve premium  
7. Earnings from Stock Card Creations are exempt from premium earnings and will not apply to meeting quarterly earnings thresholds
*COMBINED STORE EARNINGS REQUEST - BEFORE 1/15/14 - If you have more than one store that you would like to combine earnings to meet the quarterly threshold AND HAVE NOT YET communicated this to GCU please send an email to Support@ GreetingCardUniverse.com with Subject: Combine Store Earnings Request and include all your store id#s.  Combined store requests from last pay period (3Q) do not need to re-request.
Payments will be made to artists who are owed a minimum of $25 by the end of the pay period (12/31/13) or accordingly if you have changed your Minimum Payment to a greater amount.          
Please Note:  Your Earnings & Payments report may show a pending amount.  If you have had sales after 12/31/13 then the commissions are NOT part of the amount due for 4th quarter payment.  You can see your STANDARD earnings due for 4th quarter by adjusting your Earnings History date range to 10/01/13 - 12/31/13 (or earlier start date if you have yet to earn over your minimum):          
Additionally, your current payment reflects your 4th quarter earnings less any card purchases you have made using your earned fees prior to 1/01/14.          
FOR NEXT PAY PERIOD, you can change your Payment To name, Mailing Address, Minimum Payment, Payment Method (check or PayPal) as well as update your Tax ID #  or Social Security # in Account Information:            
Please let us know if you have any questions, congratulations and Happy New Year!  Cheesy  
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Re: Pay Day - 01/31/14
Reply #1 - Mar 28th, 2014, 8:57pm
I have two payment paypal pending-one 10/13/13 and1/1/14.
Can you explain why neither of these have been paid to my paypal account
Melva Vivian
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