Monday, November 7th

Election Day 2016

Every 4 years, Americans vote for their president. This year has been especially contentious. Some artists at Greeting Card Universe have taken a much-needed humorous look at the election process. Save Save Save Save

Monday, October 31st

September Design Challenge Winner – Carol Kearns

Design Challenge Winner Carol Kearns Which of your cards are your favorites and why? My favourite cards change all the time but in the kiddies categories I can get very attached to some of the characters I design. One in particular is My Cupcake Princess. She is one of my most popular kids cards and I took time out from designing cards earlier this year and wrote a children’s picture book based on her. I called her and the book, Marcy Pam. Also this year I wrote a Christmas picture book based on my Christmas storybook card, and called it I’ve an Idea. Both these books are in rhyme. And Click to Read more…

Monday, October 3rd

August Challenge Winner – Christi Madden

Madden Art Please list the URLs of your 3 favorite cards in your storefront and why they are your favorites. My choice of favorite cards tends to be a bit, shall we say, elastic, being influenced by mood and season and who knows what else.  These are my current choices. Tuxedo Cat on a Blanket Next to Sunny Window – Tuxedo Cat Birthday Card The original painting for this one is casein on board; I caught a photo of Belle in one of her favorite spots as the afternoon sun created shadows on the wall, and used that as reference for the painting.  So, a favorite photo of a totally Click to Read more…

Friday, September 23rd

National Punctuation Day – Sept 24

A comma, a semicolon, a period. To most people, these are simple punctuation marks, to take or leave, especially in this day of text messaging. But to other people, punctuation is an important part of written communication, a roadmap to understanding the intentions of the written word. A much-used example of how improper punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence is: Let’s eat, Grandma. vs Let’s eat Grandma. Certainly, in this case, Grandma is in favor of the comma! Another example of punctuation gone wrong appeared on the cover of Tails magazine. On the front cover, the headline about Rachael Ray’s sources of inspiration read: “Rachael Ray finds inspiration Click to Read more…

Friday, September 16th

National Stepfamily Day – Sept 16

National Stepfamily Day, founded by Christy Borgeld in 1997, is observed on September 16 each year and is a day for stepfamilies to recognize and celebrate their unique family structure. One in 3 Americans is part of a stepfamily, or blended family. It takes time and effort for a stepfamily to come together as a strong family unit. Parenting differences between the two blending families can lead to stress within the marriage. Studies show that it can take, on average, 4 years to build a strong, steady relationship with a stepchild. There will also likely be at least a little bit of jealousy, a feeling that the stepparent is trying Click to Read more…

Tuesday, September 6th

National Read a Book Day – Sept 6

National Read a Book Day is celebrated September 6 each year, and encourages book reading by everyone. Whether you curl up in a comfy chair with your favorite book, read this summer’s romance on the beach, or get in a few minutes of reading during lunch break, reading is an enjoyable activity for many of us. Surprisingly to those who are avid readers, though, is the fact that 28% of Americans have not read a book in the past year. How is it possible that so many people don’t want to learn, grow, or go on adventures? There are added benefits to reading. Reading reduces stress and improves memory. Books Click to Read more…

Tuesday, August 23rd

Christie Black — GCU June Challenge Winner

Christie Black’s Creations from the Heart Please add any awards or contests you’ve won outside of GCU. I really hadn’t entered many contests, but when I was in 7th grade, I won 2nd Place in a contest held by the city with my drawing of a historic building on our Main Street. In 2001, my design was chosen in a logo contest for a program the city was doing. I had many of my designs chosen as “Today’s Best Awards” on Zazzle. Please add the URLs of your favorite cards in your storefront. My three favorites for now are very recent cards.  I think they represent what I like to Click to Read more…

Friday, July 22nd

Gorgeous Grandma Day – July 23

  Gorgeous Grandma Day was invented by author and radio show host Alice Solomon to celebrate women over 50 who have grandchildren and who are growing old gracefully – also known as Glammas. What is a gorgeous grandma? She’s a grandmother who lives life to the fullest, takes care of herself, is a lifelong learner, is open to new ideas, loves life, shares her enthusiasm for life with those around her, Examples of gorgeous grandmas: Idiosyncraticfashionistas  — Two grandmothers who describe themselves as style bloggers for women of a certain age. And style they have! Actress Susan Sullivan — Martha Rodgers on Castle — Actress Susan Sullivan plays Martha Rodgers, Click to Read more…

Wednesday, July 13th

French Fries Day — July 13

  Whether you call them “chips”, as in the UK, “pommes frites” in France, or “patatas fritas” in Spain — it all means the same thing: French fries, that glorious comfort food that can be eaten in many forms: waffled, Cajun-style, or curly, just to name a few. Belgium and France both claim that French fries originated in their countries. Wherever they come from, French fries are popular, with Americans eating an average of 30 lbs each year. American president Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing French fries to America when he served them at a White House dinner in 1802. While Americans typically each their fries with ketchup, people Click to Read more…

Wednesday, July 6th

Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

  A webmaster — also referred to as a web developer/architect, website administrator, or website publisher, among other titles —   is responsible for the development and maintenance of your website. July 6 is the day designated to show your appreciation to your webmaster by taking them to lunch. What would you do without their magic coding fingers, their dedication to developing and keeping your website up and working, and the long hours they work? Your webmaster is a key player on your team, is available 24/7 in case of a website emergency, and is required to keep up with a constantly-changing industry.   How can you celebrate Take Your Webmaster Click to Read more…

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