Monday, April 29th

Making Amends

Even between close friends or family members, mistakes and misunderstandings happen.  People get angry and frustrated. Arguments and resentment can result.  Don’t wait to maker amends. What’s more important – the relationship or being right? When you need to say, “I’m sorry,” there are a few simple steps to making a sincere apology.

  • Put aside defensiveness and pride.
  • Avoid the temptation of justifying yourself or explaining what you feel are mitigating circumstances.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions. Hold yourself accountable.
  • Acknowledge the hurt feelings. Don’t let them fester unresolved.
  • Ask for forgiveness and ask what you can do to make amends.
  • Let it go.

Step up, own your mistake,  and let Greeting Card Universe help with unique Apology/I’m Sorry cards that give you a good starting place to speak from the heart. Need a last minute card? Order on-line, get free in-store pick up at most local Target stores, usually within 1 hour.

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Wednesday, March 20th

Design of the Month Contest

Greeting Card Universe is holding a Design of the Month contest!

Each day, Team GCU chooses a Design of the Day – a greeting card we believe shows professionalism, creativity, imagination, and exemplifies our philosophy of “any card imaginable.” In March, each winner of the Design of the Day is automatically entered into our Design of the Month contest, and you can help your favorite artist win an iPad Mini!

First, make sure to Like Greeting Card Universe on Facebook to become a fan.

Check out the contest and view the entries on the Voting Page.

Voting is simple and easy – just click on your favorite card to cast your ballot! Voting will remain open until midnight (Pacific Time) April 7th, so there’s time for you to spread the word by sharing with your friends and followers.

Make your choice count – vote for your favorite card today!

Tuesday, February 26th

National Pig Day

In the United States, March 1 is National Pig Day, a time to celebrate America’s  favorite barnyard animal – the pig! The holiday originated in Texas and quickly spread to include official celebrations in several Midwestern states.

Why do people love pigs? They’re pink and round, they make funny noises, sometimes come in spots, are the subjects of nursery rhymes and stories, and are as smart as dogs (some say smarter). Pigs are useful, too. Without pigs, we wouldn’t have pork chops, sausages, or bacon! And certain pig breeds are kept as pets including pot bellied pigs and miniature or micro pigs.

Greeting Card Universe offers pig lovers plenty of pig themed greeting cards for many different occasions.  Stock up on cards for your family and friends – buy 5+ cards, get FREE SHIPPING in the United States! And orders ship the next business day, or you can pick up your order, usually within 1 hour, at most local Target stores.

Go hog wild!

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Wednesday, October 17th

Follow-Up: NWM

(Note: Last week, I talked about running and the Nike San Francisco Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon, the largest women’s marathon in the world. This is my post-race follow-up)

Race Day was fabulous!  My injury decided miraculously not to complain too much although I did take some breaks to stretch along the way.  It slowed me down but didn’t stop me – Hooray!

It was a bit foggy along the coast so the Golden Gate Bridge was hidden from view, but the weather was nice and cool for the long trek.  With so many runners I felt like I was swept along in the current of a strong river winding its way along the course.

Here is the 2012 Finisher’s Necklace, always a delight to reveal from its little blue box at the finish line:

My daughter Sophia also participated and we had some great mother & daughter time in the city.  She found herself very fortunate to call a pair of the limited edition Tiffany & Co. LunarGlides her very own.

Here is a story about my training team, Team Harmony, and a group photo at the 7:00 am starting line in San Francisco’s Union Square:

Congratulations to all the participants and I’m already looking forward to next year … October 20, 2013!

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Sunday, October 14th

Run To Be

Celebrate the Joy of Running

We all run or exercise for a variety of reasons.  I run to be fit and strong – physically and mentally.  This Sunday (Oct 14) I’ll be running for fun and hope that all of my training will serve me well and has made me strong despite my unexpected and untimely injury, popliteus muscle strain.

My online self diagnosis uncovered that this small but problematic muscle is apparently key in bending your knee.  Hmm, sounds important.  I bend my knee, a lot.  I was not encouraged by an article titled “Popletius – Small Muscle, Big Trouble”.  Ok, enough about my injury, I want to run!  I’ll pay the price later.

It’s a big weekend and one of my favorite events.  It’s the popular Nike San Francisco Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon, the largest women’s marathon in the world hosting 25,000 runners (and walkers) of whom fight tooth and nail to get a coveted entry which is by raffle.   It’s all women (and some lucky men) – strong women, determined women, women of all shapes, sizes and ages come together in one of the most beautiful cities to do the same thing … cross the finish line.

As expected Nike puts on a great event.  Every detail of this event is planned with women in mind.  From the event colors and merchandising, inspirational mottos (like “run like a girl”, “for everyone who said I couldn’t”, “prepare to unleash your potential”, “you determine what defines you”), breathtaking course, Ghirardelli chocolate mile, bra bar, pre-race expotique and probably the most talked about feature, the Tiffany & Co. finisher’s necklace served upon silver platters at the finish line by handsome tuxedo clad local firefighters, Nike does not disappoint.  It’s like a GNO on steroids!

Sometimes the only thought that gets you to the finish line is … What will this year’s finisher’s necklace look like?

New this year is the limited edition Tiffany & Co. blue Nike LunarGlide:

Here is a course description that takes SF natives and first time visitors on an ideal and scenic tour of San Francisco – on foot of course:

The Nike Women’s Marathon and half marathon courses will remain the same as the courses have been since 2005. The race will kick off in Downtown San Francisco at Union Square and head through the financial district past the famous TransAmerica building. It will then proceed along the San Francisco Bay past Fisherman’s Wharf, Aquatic Park, Ghirardelli Square, Fort Mason and Marina Green while revealing breathtaking views of Alcatraz and The Golden Gate Bridge. The course then weaves through the Presidio and Sea Cliff districts, out to the Great Highway, through Golden Gate Park and south around Lake Merced, finishing just north of the Great Highway along the Pacific Ocean.

Whether your running takes you across the country or confined to your local gym, whether it’s a fun run, 10K or full marathon, enjoy and reflect on why you Run to Be … and as I like to say enjoy the journey.

Find miles of running inspired cards for all occasions at Greeting Card Universe.

All Occasions Good Luck Congratulations

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Friday, August 10th

Left Handed but Always Right

Left Handers Celebrate the Right to Their Own Day:
August 12, 2012 is National Left Handers Awareness Day

As a right handed person I don’t feel the pain of trying to function in a world optimized for righties.  But for one day, August 12 – National Left Handers Awareness Day – I’d like to imagine what it’s like, try to really understand their feelings of discrimination, and realize how much I take for granted.

My southpaw brother, Brit

I’m one of four children. We are all righties except for one, my oldest brother Brit.  He was, and still is a big guy – tall and broad, an early bloomer too.  Being a bit shy didn’t help matters either.  Or was he shy because he was a lefty and things didn’t come so easily?

I thought he was a bit of an oaf; big, bulky and oh, so clumsy.  Always breaking things and making a mess.  A bull in a china shop like we called my Dad (like father like son), but that’s a whole other story.

Growing up, he didn’t have an athletic bone in his body, although with his size he could have been quite intimidating and used his left handedness to his advantage over right handed opponents.  Most sports equipment, however, is ill suited and awkward for lefties.  Being more mechanically than athletically inclined, I can only imagine the challenges he has with tools and equipment (especially power tools and sharp objects like chain saws – yikes!).  Adding insult to injury, left handed tools and equipment are relatively hard to find and typically more expensive.

A Video Interview with Brit

My brother and his team - Brit is in the back row, far right

I recall other daily challenges that I had little patience or compassion for.  If the answer to, “What’s for dinner?” was “Steak,” there was a stampede to the dinner table to get a “good” seat to his right.  None of us wanted to sit to his left during any meal that required cutting – too much elbow bumping.

Kind of a handwriting snob, I’ve never been a fan of his penmanship. Come to think of it, I’ve never even seen his cursive as very legible – imagine writing left to right, with hand contorted, having to drag your hand across the page  smudging the pen or pencil resulting in a filthy hand … what a pain!  Cutting anything with scissors?  Forget it!  You might as well have given him a butter knife.  And let’s not even talk about zippers on trousers.

So brother Brit, here’s my official apology to you for not understanding or being sympathetic to the challenges you faced and for assuming you were simply a big klutz!  Despite being a southpaw (or maybe because of it) you’ve done good, actually great!  I am so very proud of you – a respected leader in your field, a hero of the environment and the U.S. wildlands, taking pride in everything you do, and a trusted friend and family member bursting at the seams with integrity.

To celebrate the day I’ve sent a special card your way.  I think, unfortunately, you were also born with two left feet. Sorry, no special day or greeting card for that.

To all my left Handed peeps – Happy Left Handers Awareness Day (see, you weren’t left out!)

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Thursday, August 2nd

Greeting Card Universe hits the Target!

I head to Target at the drop of a hat, for just about anything and everything.

If I don’t keep myself in check or leave a trail of breadcrumbs, I find myself in a random aisle that I had no intention of being in with a brilliant idea:  “Let’s redecorate the XYZ room!”

Target has become the ultimate convenience store.  For one stop shopping it is my go-to store, especially for holidays and birthdays. It has home and party décor, gifts and wrapping supplies, and pretty much anything I need. Now I have one more reason to head to Target – Greeting Card Universe’s hard to find and uncommon greeting cards!

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My recent “Meep!” moment:  the end of beach volleyball season for my daughter is quickly approaching.  I wanted to thank her coach for doing an awesome job.  Not wanting to settle for a generic thank you card, I found some “thank you volleyball coach” cards on  They were good, but were indoor volleyball vs beach.  I sent an email requesting some beach volleyball designs.  WHOA!  In less than 48 hours, there were 12 new designs for me to choose from.  Score!

With her last tournament days away, I couldn’t wait for snail mail so I chose the in-store pickup option for my local Target store and picked up my cards the same day.  While in the store, I also got a cute coach’s gift (and decided to redecorate the guest bath).

Now your only challenge will be finding the photo department.  Hint:  it’s usually hidden in a corner near the electronics department. If  you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to choose the easy, convenient option, and pick up your special, last minute greeting cards at your local Target store.

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Sunday, July 29th

Education by the Numbers

August is traditionally the month when summer vacation ends and students return to school (or begin a new stage of their lives with college, trade/vocational school, etc).

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day;
but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity,
he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
—Clay Bedford

On a global scale, the education of children and adult students is important to every nation.

In the United States each year, an estimated 74.1 million students go to public or private schools, from pre-K to high school to higher education, and attend classes taught by 3.7 million teachers. And speaking of higher education, American women attending college outnumber men, 10.5 million to 7.9 million.

Today’s digital age means that students are integrating social media into their learning experiences, with more than 2/3 of all students using mobile educational apps in the classroom. Teachers utilize Facebook and YouTube to reach their kids, and the majority of teachers consider social media to be a valuable educational tool.

Greeting Card Universe offers easy ordering and customization of all cards in our School Days collection.  Wish a student a great First Day of School, or send them off to college with a smile!

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Saturday, June 23rd

Commencing to Graduate

Many schools and universities hold graduation ceremonies (also known as commencement ceremonies) annually, beginning in the month of June.

Donning a cap – the square mortarboard with tassel, derived from 16th century Scottish headgear – and a gown – very fashionable in late medieval Europe – isn’t what it’s all about when it comes to graduation. To most graduates, receiving a well earned degree, diploma, or certificate is an important rite of passage into a new phase of their lives.

Who Graduates From School?
Eligible students can participate in commencement ceremonies in pre-school and kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school, college or university, trade school, private school, military academy – in short, any institution of learning may offer its students a graduation ceremony.

What Does Valedictorian Mean?
An academic honor usually bestowed on the student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in the graduating class. The valedictorian delivers the valedictory or farewell speech at the graduation ceremony.

What’s the Difference Between Graduating “Summa Cum Laude,”
“Magna Cum Laude,” etc.

These are academic honors conferred on graduating students. In Latin, “cum laude” means “with distinction” or “with honor.” Each school has its own standards, but generally in a graduating class:

  1. “Cum Laude”: With honor. Given to students in the top 5% GPA
  2. “Summa Cum Laude”:  With high honor. Given to students in the top 3-5% GPA
  3. “Magna Cum Laude”: With highest honor. Given to students in the top 3% GPA

Greeting Card Universe believes graduation is a milestone achievement that deserves to be celebrated! We offer a diverse selection of greeting cards for Graduates including Congratulations, Announcements, Ceremony Invitations, and Graduation Party Invitations for every student. Customizable Photo Cards, too.

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