Friday, July 22nd

Life’s a Beach

Summertime = Fun in the Sun

For many people, that includes throwing a beach party bash! But what if you don’t live near the ocean? You can still put on a beach-themed party in your backyard or your living room. Here are some ideas for enjoying the flavor of the beach without getting sand in your shorts:

Serve the kind of food you’d bring to a beach picnic, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn on the cob, baked potatoes, seafood (shellfish like clams, oysters, mussels, and crab or lobster) or fish, meat and/or vegetable kabobs, fruit, and snow cones. You’ll find some recipe ideas here.

Decorate in the theme using inflatable palm trees and beach balls, leis, straw hats, tropical or beach print tableware, paper lanterns and garlands, balloons and favors.  If the party’s in your backyard, define the area with tiki torches to create the right atmosphere.

And finally, don’t forget the beach party invitations! Set the tone by inviting your guests with a one-of-a-kind invitation from Greeting Card Universe. Stay cool in the heat of planning your party – we make it easy with our choice of fun, fruity and fabulous cards.

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What are people saying about Greeting Card Universe?
“I usually design my own cards, but when my daughter had to euthanize her lab Copper that she had ever since she was a pup I found it hard to get my mind together for just the right card. I knew this card had to be really special. My daughter and Copper had been through a lot together. She was my daughter littler girl. Copper had been a cancer survivor but finally old age and the ability to walk let to the my daughter’s decision for what was best for Copper. As I was searching I found your website. And I found just the right card I was looking for and was able to personalize it just for them. My daughter loved it and so did I. I would use these cards again in a heartbeat. Thank you!” Diane – July 18, 2011

Friday, July 8th

Le Quatorze Juillet

Or Bastille Day in English.

Also known as La Fête Nationale (or National Celebration), Bastille Day commemorates the storming of the Bastille (a medieval prison and fortress) which took place in Paris on July 14, 1789, a milestone event on the road to the French Revolution, as well as the Fête de la Fédération in 1790 – the one year anniversary of the popular uprising and storming of the Bastille, and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy, which did not last long.

Bastille Day did not become an official national holiday in France until 1880, when politician Benjamin Raspail proposed a law in May. The law was adopted by the Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly) and approved by the Sénat, and proclaimed on July 6th.

“Do not forget that behind this 14 July, where victory of the new era over the ancien régime was bought by fighting, do not forget that after the day of 14 July 1789, there was the day of 14 July 1790. … This day cannot be blamed for having shed a drop of blood, for having divided the country. It was the consecration of unity of France. … If some of you might have scruples against the first 14 July, they certainly hold none against the second. Whatever difference which might part us, something hovers over them, it is the great images of national unity, which we all desire, for which we would all stand, willing to die if necessary.”
—–Henri Martin, Chairman of the Sénat, 1880

Bastille Day is celebrated every year around the globe on July 14th. In France itself, the annual and very popular Bastille Day Military Parade held in Paris and broadcast on French television, is the world’s oldest and largest such event. Greeting Card Universe help you take part in the celebration by offering an uncommon selection of Bastille Day greeting cards to exchange with family and friends, so you all can enjoy a truly bonne fête!

Friday, June 17th

Take PRIDE in Yourself

June is National Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT)  Pride Month, first declared as National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month by President Bill Clinton in 2000, and changed to its current designation by presidential proclamation by President Barack Obama in 2009.

This month commemorates the Stonewall Riots which occurred in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in New York City, marking the beginning of the GLBT rights movement.

Many cities, GLBT organizations and associations around the world celebrate by holding events, rallies, festivals and parades during this month. You can check for events in your area by visiting InterPride, a non-profit organization promoting GLBT Pride internationally since 1982.

Greeting Card Universe has a rainbow of diverse and one-of-a-kind cards for announcing gay coming out, lesbian coming out, wedding/civil union congratulations, invitations, every holiday, support for GLBT youths and adults, and a whole lot more!

Friday, June 10th

The History of Father’s Day

How did the celebration known as Father’s Day come to be observed?

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him Father!”
Lydia M. Child

In 1909, while listening to a religious sermon on Mother’s Day, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd conceived the idea of a day honoring fathers. Her own father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran, had raised her and her five siblings after their mother’s death in childbirth in 1898, and Dodd esteemed him highly.

The very first Father’s Day, though not yet officially recognized, was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. The idea of a day celebrating fathers swept across the nation. In 1916, President Calvin Coolidge traveled to Spokane and spoke at a Father’s Day sermon as a token of his support. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Finally, in 1972—sixty-two years after the initial celebration—President Richard Nixon recognized Father’s Day as a permanent national observance.

Did you know in the past, it was customary to wear a red rose if your father was still alive, and a white rose if he had passed? In some countries, the tradition is still observed.

What are your plans this Father’s Day? Cooking him a delicious brunch doesn’t have to mean going to cooking school. Simple dishes, well prepared and seasoned with love, are a sure-fire hit. Need a gift? Men are notoriously hard to shop for, but you don’t need to reach for the nearest ugly tie, new wallet or bottle of aftershave. Surprise your father with a cool gift instead. You can also donate to a charity in your father’s name – what better gift could you give than the gift of helping someone who really needs it?

Whether your dad’s passion is golf or other sports, sailing, surfing, tennis, hunting, fishing or other hobbies; whether you want to tickle his funny bone or touch his heart, you’ll find greeting cards at Greeting Card Universe that will send an “I love you” on your father’s special day.

Thursday, June 2nd

Father’s Day for All Dads

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day (in 2011, this falls on June 19), and sending cards and gifts to your own Dad is only part of the celebration. In recent times, it has become increasingly trendy to acknowledge all fathers for the great work they do. A friend, for example, might give another friend with children a Father’s Day greeting card. Or a mother might send one to her son, or a sister to a brother, a wife to her husband, an employee to her boss…whatever the relationship between sender and recipient, Father’s Day has become a holiday when many people pay tribute to the fathers in their lives, including grandfathers and great-grandfathers!

Dads are heroes and guides, life coaches and mediators, who love their sons and daughters. Honor, trust, faith, courage, strength, hard work and above all, love, are the things we admire and respect about our fathers, and the values that every son hopes to instill in his own children.

A Place Just for Dad
We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There’s a place that is just for Dad.
—Author Unknown

On Father’s Day, a heartfelt message from you to him is bound to warm him through and through. There’s no better gift, and no better way to express your love and thanks to the most important man you’ll ever know. At Greeting Card Universe, we have many ways you can send a hug to all the Dads who deserve to be acknowledged on their special day.

Friday, May 27th

Licensed to Grill

You may not know, but May is National Barbeque Month. Who doesn’t love the fragrance of lighter fluid, the smell of burning charcoal, the aroma of meat (or fish or veggies) charring on the grill? Especially after the dreary winter months and April’s showers. And the good news is…this is only the beginning of BBQ season.

It’s true – Americans find grilling a healthier option, not to mention preferred to restaurant dining, and it’s a whole lot of fun. It’s an opportunity to gather friends and family together to celebrate the great outdoors on beaches, in parks and in millions of backyards every summer. Even the Neanderthals loved to barbeque! And these days, finding finger lickin’ backyard barbeque recipes to try is a snap, whether you’re a BBQ newbie or a seasoned Pitmaster.

Throughout the summer, barbeque grills and smokers are fired up at pool parties, beach parties, picnics, backyard BBQs, family reunions, clambakes, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and anywhere folks gather outside to have a good time with good eats. Planning your party is half the fun. When you’ve picked out the goodies and stocked the cooler, choose one of our unique invitations at Greeting Card Universe to send your guests a smile.

Friday, May 20th

Remembrance Never Dies

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard…

Although Memorial Day (May 30) is coming up soon, and it’s a time to remember fallen heroes who gave their all for their country, it’s also an opportunity for you to do something for the men and women serving today in the U.S. Armed Forces, and make a real difference in their lives. You can support our troops  in a number of ways. Here are a couple of ideas:

Any Soldier Inc., is a volunteer organization and network that helps organize the effort to get stuff “from home” to deployed military members of every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces who don’t get much or any mail. You can pay them a visit to learn about how it works and find out what you can do.

Another volunteer organization, A Million Thanks, also helps you show your appreciation through organizing letters and cards to military men and women who need your support

Letters are by far the most requested items asked for by soldiers far from their country, their friends, their family, their home. Sending a card with a note inside not only helps brighten someone’s day, you could make a new friend. At Greeting Card Universe, we have lots of one-of-a-kind ways to say “thinking of you,” or “thanks” to a soldier, sailor, submariner, airman or Marine far from home who’s hoping to make a friendly connection.

This Memorial Day, remember the fallen, and remember those who serve, too.


Thursday, May 12th

Letters From Home

Since 1949, Americans have joined other countries around the world in celebrating Armed Forces Week (beginning 2nd Saturday in May), culminating in Armed Forces Day (3rd Sunday in May). Every U.S. military branch – Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard – is recognized, remembered and honored. This year, Armed Forces Day falls on May 21st.

If you know an active military service member, now’s a great time to send a heart-warming greeting card. It’s a great way to stay in touch – tell a loved one you miss them, support our troops, or thank a friend for their dedication to duty and service to their country. Sending cards and letters is so important because nobody appreciates mail from friends and family like a man or woman serving far away from home!

At last! In sight of home again,
Of home again;
No more to range and roam again
As at that bygone time?
No more to go away from us
And stay from us? –
Dawn, hold not long the day from us,
But quicken it to prime!
—Thomas Hardy

If you haven’t already gotten in touch with your favorite soldier, sailor, airman or Marine, there’s plenty of time to pick a unique card, add your own message, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Order 10+ cards and Save! Pay $3.00 $2.49 per card. Use code 2011MAY249 – Ends May 13, 2011.

Tuesday, November 2nd

Only 52 days until Christmas!

Some years it seems like time speeds up, right around now. We are just over 3 weeks away from thanksgiving and a mere 52 days from Christmas! To be honest, it is both a bit scarry and a bit exciting!

For businesses, this is a time of customer appreciation and a last chance to increase 2010 revenue figures. For families, this is a time for family gatherings, great food and woderful memories. For us here at Greeting Card Universe, this is our busiest time of year and were excited that you are joining us!

Our goal is to help make sure that ordering your Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards, or Kwanzaa cards is both easy and affordable. Not only are you saving time being able to order online, but with bulk discounts for card orders of 25 or more cards, the more you buy, the more you save!

Don’t let this be another year that you let yourself get ‘too busy” again! Your friends, co-workers and family members will love to receive a holiday card from you this year, and with our help, you will be able to save both time and money this holiday season! Don’t miss this opportunity to tell those you care about, how much they mean to you! After all… Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Christmas Greeting Card Happy Thanksgiving Card Happy Kwanzaa Card

Wednesday, October 27th

Halloween Photo Cards!

With only 4 days until Halloween, families are putting the finishing touches on their costumes and decorations this Halloween! Millions of children will go Trick Or Treating on Sunday and many more pictures will be taken!

For some, this will be their first Halloween, for others, this will be a candy acquisition mission with the goal of reaching as many houses as possible. Either way, family members and friends alike will be taking dozens or even hundreds of digital pictures!

How are you going to share your pictures this year?

Digital picture vie emails and social networks are fun to look at…. For a minute… But Greeting Cards can turn into decorations and keepsakes kept for years or even a lifetime! How many people do you know who could use a positive message in the mail? A fun card with a picture of their loved ones in their costumes can brighten up their day and even their week!

We are proud to offer you simple, Do It Yourself Photo Greeting Cards as well as Custom Photo Cards where one of our artists will assist you in creating a unique, one of a kind, greeting card!

There has never been an easier or more fun way to share your digital photographs in a way that will offer such joy and appreciation to your friends and loved ones! Try creating your own photo card, today!

Halloween Photo Card Halloween Custom Photo Card Goblin Photo Card
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