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Stacia Gorge of Good Things by Gorge, Design Challenge Winner, October 2018

Stacia Gorge of Good Things by Gorge, Design Challenge Winner, October 2018



Please list any awards or contests you’ve won outside of GCU.
Ages ago, prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, & GCU card designer, I worked in the corporate communications field as a writer and editor. I served on teams that received awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).


Additionally, I’ve had poetry published in two Indiana-based publications: (1) Carmel Creations: An Anthology by Carmel Creative Writers (2018 edition), and (2) Tipton Poetry Journal’s “Christmas at the Creek” Special Issue (2012).  Ironically, my preferred poetry style is usually not suitable for greeting cards due to my poems’ length, serious contemplative nature, or other factors. It’s really not a problem for me, though, because I feel lucky to have different outlets for my various creative moods!


Please list the URLs of your 3 favorite cards in your storefront and why they are your favorites.
  1. Congratulations on Your New Home – Quaint Vintage House with Flowers – This is one of my most popular cards & I’m so pleased that customers are attracted to its nostalgic warmth!
  1. Electricians Don’t Really Retire, Humor, Retirement PARTY Invitation – I love experimenting with typography & was pleased with the outcome of this unique creation. It’s also nice that the party invitation has continued to sell well over the years.
  1. With Deepest Sympathy for Your Loss, Dogwood, Vintage, Blue and White card – I love vintage-style cards. For me, they evoke extra heartfelt emotions. I send this card whenever a friend or relative is grieving.
Please list any of your professional social media sites.
Any time GCU customers would like see some of my latest creations, they are invited to view and/or follow me on Pinterest.


What sparked your interest in art? Did you start as a young child?
My mother is a keen admirer of art, so much so that she eventually became the president of the board of my hometown’s art museum. Due to her interest, the world of art was often discussed in our home as I was growing up. Additionally, my maternal grandmother adored both music and art and excelled at both. If my grandmother were alive today, she’d be delighted and amazed to see how easy it is for art consumers to find artists around the world via the internet.


Is your work done by hand and then scanned or do you work entirely on the computer?
I currently do all of my work on the computer, but I plan to try some work by hand in the future.


What would we be surprised to learn about you?
I think people would be surprised to know that one of my two majors in college was Philosophy. I was the only one in a class of thousands to have declared that major as an incoming freshman (usually students select it later in their studies). I guess I hear a different drummer!


What GCU artist(s) do you admire?
There are too many talented artists to list! However, I especially love the cartoon humorists, the watercolorists, the photographers, and the verse-writing specialists. I also admire those artists who take time to help the newbie designers via the forum and/or who write informative articles to help artists be successful at GCU. They make it a real pleasure to be part of GCU’s creative environment.


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