Tuesday, April 28th

Kindergarten: Cap and Gown

Children usually attend kindergarten for two years at ages five and six, however some programs allow children to attend much earlier. During this time, children not only begin their education, but learn vital social skills before they graduate to first grade. Kindergarten has a long history—here are a few things you may not know.

Friedrich Froebel, an early 19th century German educator, came up with the concept of kindergarten – a structured program for educating young children. His kindergartens also gave women career opportunities as teachers.

In the mid-1800s, Germans fleeing the many revolutions that had erupted in their states, came to the United States, bringing the idea of kindergarten with them.

The first kindergarten in the US opened in 1855 in Watertown, Wisconsin, in the home of Margaretha Meyer Schurz and her husband. Every major US city had a kindergarten by 1914.

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