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5 Fantastic Facts About Christmas Cookies

The Christmas cookie tradition comes to us from medieval times, when the pagan Solstice or celebration of the Winter Equinox was absorbed into the Christian religion to become a time of year honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. Here are five amazing facts about the now commonplace Christmas cookies we make and exchange (and enjoy eating) during the holidays.

Spicing Up the Kitchen: Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cloves, even peppercorns,  dried fruits and nuts like almonds became more available to cooks in the Middle Ages, who used these strong, aromatic spices in both sweet and savory dishes for ordinary dining and for feasts. The smell of these spices has become very much associated with Christmas.

Gingerbread’s Long History: From Greece in 2400 BC to a simple treat composed of spiced breadcrumbs and honey formed by molds into shapes enjoyed by Crusaders, gingerbread became a popular treat in Europe in the 1500s. In the 17th century, spekulaas—a type of gingerbread cookie in the Netherlands, traditionally formed in the shape of St. Nicholas or Sinterklaas—became associated with Christmas time.

The Dutch Again: The word “cookie” comes from the Dutch koekje, meaning a small cake. The first time the America English ” cookie” appeared in print was 1703,

Cookie Exchanges: The first cookie swap advertised in a newspaper took place in 1917. During WWII, the women of many communities exchanged cookies with one another. Associating Christmas with a cookie exchange began taking place in the early 1950, becoming quite popular by the 60s.

Animal Crackers On Your Tree: The popular animal or circus crackers were first produced in 1902. The colorful cardboard box printed all over with a circus wagon theme was sold during Christmas of that year as an edible tree ornament and continues to be produced and exported all over the world.

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