Saturday, October 5th

October is National Roller Skating Month

Ever since the concept of wheels on footwear appeared  in the early eighteenth century, roller skating has become part of world culture. Here are five interesting tidbits from the interesting and occasionally wacky history of roller skates.

  1. The German ballet, The Artist, or Winter Pleasures in 1818 had an ice skating scene which was mimicked on stage by performers wearing roller skates. A couple of decades later, beer halls in Germany also introduced barmaids on skates to facilitate serving thirsty customers more quickly.
  2. The modern quad roller skate was invented by American James Plimpton in 1863. His design permitted wearers to make curves and turns, allowing backward skating for the first time.
  3. In 1983, roller blades—inline skates—begin to be produced. The concept of inline skates with the wheels in a row takes inspiration from an early nineteenth century design which didn’t catch on. One of the earlier inline skate designs was created by Joseph Merlin, who literally crashed a party in 1860 wearing wheeled boots.
  4. Once roller skating rinks were opened to the public in late nineteenth century New York City, the popularity of the sport boomed. Activities began to include endurance roller skating contests in which participants skated around the rink for as long as possible. The last man still on his skates at the end won.
  5. Today, roller skate based sports remain popular including roller hockey, roller derby, artistic skating, speed skating, and trick-based competitions.

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