Monday, June 24th

“Stay-cation” for Pets

Lots of folks take time off in summer to travel—just head out to a destination to enjoy relaxing, rewinding, and recharging a few days to a few weeks. But what about pets? Some owners place dogs or cats in a kennel, but others opt to give their pets a “stay-cation” at home by hiring a pet sitter.

What should you look for in a pet sitter?

References: Has the pet sitter been recommended to you by a trusted friend, family  member, neighbor, veterinarian, or co-worker? If their references consist primarily of people you don’t know, be sure to call former clients on the list and ask about the potential sitter’s prior experience and conduct.

Qualifications: Does the sitter have the necessary experience and training to take good care of your pet? A professional pet sitter should have:

  • An association with a vet providing after-hours medical care if necessary
  • Proof of commercial liability insurance & bonded against theft
  • Written contract spelling out all services, responsibilities, and costs
  • An agreed-upon plan in place in case of emergency
  • An appointment to come to your home and meet your pet before you leave
  • Specialized training for the more exotic pets like snakes, lizards, etc.

Professionalism: Does the sitter take notes about your pet’s likes, dislikes, schedule, medication, medical conditions? What if they’re unable to fulfill their responsibilities while you’re still away—do they have a back-up plan? Do they offer other services like in-home grooming, playtime, walking the dog? If requested, will they contact you regularly and give updates on your pet’s condition?

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