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Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Presidents Day

In the United States, Presidents Day – the third Monday in February – is a federal holiday which used to be called Washington’s Birthday, and originally celebrated the birthday of  the first American president, George Washington. Today, Presidents Day honors all U.S. presidents, although Washington and Abraham Lincoln (who also has a birthday in February) are the most commonly used symbols.

In the spirit of this patriotic American holiday, here a a few lesser known facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

George Washington, Poet: As a teenager in love, Washington tried his hand at an acrostic – a type of poem in which the first letter of each line spells a word, or in this case, the  lady’s name. He didn’t quite complete it. Since only two poems authored by him have survived, this is a rare example of his romantic side. You can read both poems here.

Booth Saved Lincoln … Sort Of: In 1864. Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, fell off a train platform directly in the path of an oncoming locomotive. He was pulled to safety by a famous Shakespearean actor named Edwin Booth. Does the surname sound familiar? A few months later, Edwin’s brother, John Wilkes Booth, would assassinate President Lincoln in Ford’s Theater.

Washington Had a Temper Like Well Aged Dynamite: George Washington was famous for his temper. His contemporaries remarked upon his “ungovernable passion” and he was known for his outbursts of cursing when irritated or frustrated. Afterward, he would become calm.

Lincoln Enjoyed a Good Cockfight: At the time, cockfighting and other blood sports were considered normal, socially acceptable  entertainment for gentlemen. While he clearly enjoyed his family’s pets – which included dogs, cats, and a turkey – Lincoln received his nickname “Honest Abe” not for his political honesty, but because he was an honest referee in the cockfighting ring.

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