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A Brief History of the Tooth Fairy

National Tooth Fairy Day in the United States is February 28  a day set aside to honor the tradition observed by many parents when a child begins to lose their baby or “milk” teeth at around age five or six. Although rituals about the disposal of children’s teeth have ancient origins, and people in many countries follow similar customs, the Tooth Fairy as we know her didn’t come along until around the turn of the century.

European immigrants brought with them their mother country’s traditions, such as the “tooth fee” paid to children when they lost their first tooth (mentioned in the 13th century Norse writings). In the later Victorian era, fairies became very popular in works of fiction and children’s plays. Around the early 1900s, a “tooth fairy” emerged who gave rewards in exchange for lost teeth.

The Tooth Fairy a we visualize her didn’t go mainstream in America until the 1950s. Today’, many parents and grandparents use the opportunity to teach their children and grandchildren about the importance of good oral and dental hygiene. Dentists and dental hygienists have also paired with the Tooth Fairy to spread the message.

And of course, the Tooth Fairy still leaves money under the pillow in exchange for a tooth.

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