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Commencing to Graduate

Many schools and universities hold graduation ceremonies (also known as commencement ceremonies) annually, beginning in the month of June.

Donning a cap – the square mortarboard with tassel, derived from 16th century Scottish headgear – and a gown – very fashionable in late medieval Europe – isn’t what it’s all about when it comes to graduation. To most graduates, receiving a well earned degree, diploma, or certificate is an important rite of passage into a new phase of their lives.

Who Graduates From School?
Eligible students can participate in commencement ceremonies in pre-school and kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school, college or university, trade school, private school, military academy – in short, any institution of learning may offer its students a graduation ceremony.

What Does Valedictorian Mean?
An academic honor usually bestowed on the student with the highest grade point average (GPA) in the graduating class. The valedictorian delivers the valedictory or farewell speech at the graduation ceremony.

What’s the Difference Between Graduating “Summa Cum Laude,”
“Magna Cum Laude,” etc.

These are academic honors conferred on graduating students. In Latin, “cum laude” means “with distinction” or “with honor.” Each school has its own standards, but generally in a graduating class:

  1. “Cum Laude”: With honor. Given to students in the top 5% GPA
  2. “Summa Cum Laude”:  With high honor. Given to students in the top 3-5% GPA
  3. “Magna Cum Laude”: With highest honor. Given to students in the top 3% GPA

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