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Pet Sitting Tips

Arranging a “Staycation” for the
Other Members of Your Family

For many people, at some point during the summer months, they’ll be taking a vacation. Chances are, they’ll be looking for fun in another state or even another country. And they’ll be taking the kids, too, and also other family members… but in most cases, the pets have to be left behind.

While Fluffy and Fido are considered part of the family, cats and dogs are not welcome at many hotels, attractions and resort destinations in the U.S., nor do most pets travel well, particularly if you’re going long distances. For them, staying at home is ideal, but who’s going to take care of your pets when you’re not there?

Two options spring to mind: boarding at a kennel (or if your pooch or kitty deserves even more pampering, a luxury pet resort) or finding a pet sitter.

Most people ask a neighbor or friend to baby-sit the fur kids while you’re away. However, some have to hire a professional pet sitter. If you don’t already have a pet sitter, the best way to find one is through a personal recommendation by a person you know and trust. However, if no one you know can recommend a sitter, how do you find someone you can trust with your spare house key, your valuables, and your pets’ well being?

You can check the National Association of Pet Sitters’ website, an organization for certified, professional pet sitters. There’s also Pet Sitters International, another professional organization. And is a registry bringing owners and professional pet sitters together. There are other on-line options; choose the one that’s right for you. Or check your local listings such as newspaper advertisements or the Yellow Pages for pet sitters in your area.

Remember, before you hire a pet sitter, you must make time to conduct phone interviews, home meetings, and checking references, so plan ahead.

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