Friday, July 1st

Dog and Cat Safety on Independence Day

As any pet owner knows, our cats and dogs don’t handle the Fourth of July well, especially when it comes to firecrackers. But did you know there are other hazards on Independence Day that may end with you and your pet in the emergency vet’s office? Just like kids, your pets need a little extra care and attention. As a responsible pet owner, you want to do the best for the furry members of your family.

Here are three tips that will help you and your dog or cat enjoy the a safer and happier holiday.

Never use fireworks around pets. This sounds like a no-brainer, but some people don’t realize just how strong a dog’s chase instinct can be. Mr. Fluffy only needs to jump on that one cherry bomb you tossed, and he’s in big trouble. In addition, an excited dog might jump up and try to grab a sparker out of your hand, resulting in severe burns to eyes, nose, mouth and even paws. Cats might be frightened and run away. Keep pets indoors, please.

Never leave fireworks laying around unsupervised: Unused fireworks also pose a danger. If your dog or cat chews on them, he’ll be ingesting poisons like arsenic and potassium  nitrate.

Never take your pet to a public fireworks display, even on a leash: If you think your dog finds a crowded, noisy and extremely loud public area as much fun as you do, think again.  A terrified dog reacts on instinct, and may run away or bite. Leave Mr. Fluffy at home; he’ll be much happier.

You’ll find other important tips about pet safety on the Fourth of July on the ASPCA web site.

At Greeting Card Universe, we have a large collection of Fourth of July cards, some featuring pets and animals of many kinds for you to exchange with family (except Mr. Fluffy, but only because he can’t read) and all your friends. We hope you have a bang on Independence day, and stay safe!

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