Sunday, May 15th

Commemorating Fallen Soldiers

After the civil war had ended in the United States, as many as 620,000 individuals had lost their lives. From soldiers killed in action to the destruction of entire cities, combined with massive outbreaks of infection and disease, it was the deadliest war in United States history. In honor of those who had died on both the Union and Confederate sides of the war, Decoration Day was established.

Later, the name was changed to Memorial Day and after the first world war, the meaning of the holiday was extended to all American soldiers who had died in all wars, not just the civil war. Today, Memorial day is still as relevant as ever, with the thousands of American Soldiers who have died in the War on Terror, since it began in 2003. Memorial day marks a perfect opportunity for sending a Loss of Serviceman Sympathy Card. if you know a family who has recently lost a loved one.

For the families of the more than 1 million soldiers in active duty within the United States Armed Forces, Memorial Day marks a great opportunity to send out a message to Support Our Troops! Other families enjoy sending out Patriotic Cards or if you are planning a party, Memorial Day Party Invitations may better suit your needs.

Throughout the United States, it would be challenging to find a family who’s life has not been affected by the United States Armed Forces. From the early wars over slavery to today’s war on terror, the American lifestyle is a testament to those who have fought for our rights and freedom.

If you haven’t mailed out a card lately to the servicemen and servicewomen in your life, there is still time to pick your card, add your message and send your card to them in time for Memorial Day!

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