Sunday, December 12th

Let Us Mail Your Christmas Cards For You!

Christmas is upon us and the count down is on! With only 13 days until Christmas we at GCU have come up with a way to help you save time and money when sending your Christmas Cards this year. No more spending hours upon hours writing the addresses on your Christmas card envelopes, writing your personal messages inside the cards, licking the envelopes and licking the stamps… We are happy to introduce a better way!

So, as you are looking over your ‘to do’ list on Monday morning and start thinking about all of the things you have to get done before Christmas, know that we are your partners for your Christmas cards this year!

Simply select the card you want to send and customize the inside! Whether you add a picture from your digital, a quote, poem or heartfelt message, your recipients will appreciate the unique card that you send.

Once the card is exactly how you like it, you’ll want to click on the “Edit” link to the right of the Mailing Option. This will bring you the Shipping Information page where you are able to select the “Import addresses and we’ll mail them for you” option. Next, scroll down and make sure your return address is correct. Then click on the red “Update Shipping Information” button.

This will bring you the Select Recipients page where you are able to either select people from your address book, or you can click on the “Import a List” link and you will be walked through the simple, 4-step process of importing all of your contacts to our system!

Whether your Christmas mailing list has 10 addresses, 100 addresses or 1000 addresses, our system can help you mail out all of your Christmas cards within a matter of minutes, not hours or days! We’ve even got a simple example address book to help you easily arrange your contacts so you make the process of sending out your Christmas cards easier than ever before!

A Christmas Gift For You Season’s Greetings Christmas

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